Thursday, April 9, 2009

Just stuff...

Saturday was a sunny dry day!

My husband Brian knows that it won't do any good to try and escape when it comes to self portrait time.


It has been a while since Millie and I had our portrait taken. :-)
Brian's daughter Madison took our picture...this is when my camera still worked part time.

It was a day of mini horse brushing and hoof trimming. We put Madison to work brushing, then she held them while I trimmed their hooves. All I could think of was if I trimmed mini's for a living, I would have a platform set up on a hydraulic jack so I can get them a little higher! :-)

Here is Madison and Ruby.

Madison and Robin. (Robin is Hood's Mom. Hood is the one with dwarfism we lost a while back)

Like I said, just was a very nice day!

Until later...Karen and Tripp

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