Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wyoming is in LUV...

Take yourself back to Saturday, April 11th. I went out early to feed, and I look over to the mustang pen and it is - EMPTY! ACK! I opt not to panic because it won't do any good. Gotta find the BOYS!
The mustang pen is in the burro/llama area, then there is a fence to the yard on one side and the other side is the fence to the big bunch of horses with a few geldings and mares in heat! Yeah...

I found Tiger pretty quick - he was planted at a round bale in the burro area and he was not bothering my older mare (which is what I was worried about). I walked right up to him to say hello, and he looked at me like he has always been there. When the older mare walked away, he followed her and she squealed and kicked at him. Whew! No worries there! Tiger was just being curious, and he had never been out there by himself before.

Now, Wyoming! Where the heck was he? If he would have jumped the fence to the yard, I think he would have been eating grass. If he jumped the fence to the other side, he is mingling with MARES! ACK! I don't see him at the bales with the others, so I decide to put my old mare in the barn (just in case), get Tiger back in the pen, then look for Wy. I walk in and under the canopy is Halo and Wy, looking all cozy. They both looked at me with the expression of "What?" on their faces! I grabbed the halter and got Wyoming. Okay, the great thing about all of this is even tho there were major hormones going on, he still listened to me! Not as good as usual, but enough for me to walk him around the back side of the barn and into the gate, thru the donk pen and back to his pen! Yay! That boy was beside himself all day. Now, I have no idea if he sealed the deal or not, but judging by all the white hair on his chest and shoulders, I would say he gave it a heck of a shot! Which means he possibly experienced what I did not want him to know he was missing! Darn it!

I now lock their gate! Wy did not have any cuts or scrapes on him, and I could not find an area of the fence that had hair on it like it was pushed, etc. He must have gone over it - it is only about 4 1/2 to 5 ft tall. So if he was like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer after Clarisse told him he was cute...yep, he could have gone over it!

Here is a little video of Wy and Halo.

Halo is one of the first mustangs we adopted a few years ago. She foaled the night we brought her home. Her baby, Boomer, died in a freak accident at age 2 1/2. Halo is very much an Alpha mare, but she does not appear to bond with anybody. Well, except for Wy....Ha ha!

So that is the saga of Casanova! The vet is due here April 24th...that is not soon enough! :-)

Until later...Karen and Tripp


Kirstin's Mustang Project 2008 said...

Wyoming, Wyoming where art thou Wyoming. Luv struck Wy & Halo how sweet. Horses will perform the most amazing acts of flight just to get to... When I was a kid, our neighbor's stallion jumped the fence, enjoyed himself and jumped back across the fence-we had no idea it had happened until a baby magically appeared one day.
You are doing a great job with Wy & Tiger. Keep it up.
Hugs to all

jill said...

Oh shoot, just when I bragged on them. I have to say having three stallions and spring in the air, makes me nervous. It might be quite interesting controlling 1000 to 3000 pounds of lovestruck hormones. At least Tiger seems to have conceded easily. Wy looked like he was still infatuated, with a spring to his step and an arch to his neck that even Halo must notice as she looks on still saying, 'what' so innocently. With the wind ruffling her flowing silver locks it looks like he is puckered up for a kiss:) Nine days to go. Good luck:)Have fun! Stay safe!!