Sunday, April 12, 2009

Who is the real Zeke?

Ahhhh, yes, we have a situation. Thomas the cat thought if he did not move, I would not notice that he was sitting on the stove by Zeke, the wood carving, since their colors are so close....
(Zeke is the sea bird and he has a little fish in his mouth)

Neat story about Zeke the wood carving.
A gentleman out in California where my sister used to live started carving driftwood after his wife died. He did not even know he could carve...he just did it! He is so talented! He carved a very large whale for my sister - it is the most awesome thing I have ever seen!
This guy does not take special orders. You can't just take him a piece of wood and tell him that you want a whale, or a shark, or a fish. BUT you can take him a piece of driftwood and he will carve you what HE see's in it. There were pieces where he carved several fish together, Mom Whales and a whale calf, sharks, dolphins...he shows up in Half Moon Bay on the weekends selling his goods and meeting people. He is such a nice man!

Until later...Karen and Tripp

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jill said...

That is very talented work he does. The color of the wood is very pretty and golden considering driftwood is usually gray. He has a very artistic temperament to only carve what he sees in the piece.