Friday, April 24, 2009

Wyoming gets to work again....I AM BACK!

I have been gone for a week, and to the best of my knowledge I think I am home to stay for a while. Which means Tiger and Wy will be getting better work outs. Okay, it is also dry out for now, so that helps! :-) Brian and I have a couple of plans on making a more user friendly pen - we have these great pictures in our heads, just need to put them into action.

WYOMING: "She is sitting on the board in MY pen...she is up to something!"

I found that kicking the feed pan around really stresses them out, and throwing it up in the air and letting it smack the ground isn't so great either. It just is not as scary with feed in it! So that is what I did...kicked and threw, kicked some more and threw, then he finally wore it without so much as a glance.

I was going to get the saddle out and put that on him a while, but I was so sore that I decided to just flap the blanket around and work on some ground manners. We worked and worked and he finally would turn to face me, then walk towards me when I asked. We are still working on backing, but he did give me a couple of steps. This was all without me holding the lead rope. Yay! I just need to keep working on everything we have done while introducing new things.

Doesn't he look like a little Indian Pony?

After playing in the pen, I decided that I needed to trust him more - so we took a walk outside of the pen. He was a little ancey and full of himself, and my old mare Tandee came to visit and that did not help, but he still listened to me and would bring his head to me when I asked. I will admit, sometimes I had to ask firmly, but he still gave it to me. The reality is, if he really wanted to get away from me, he could have no matter what I had on him. I worked him in small circles on the lead rope and considering he did not have the security of the panels to help guide him, he did pretty good. I am proud of him!

We are now walking across the barn lot and headed to the yard. He was cute because he was sniffing everything new...even the manure/mud pile. He even walked up it like he did not have a care in the world.

Wyoming meets the dogs. I have two husky's and one husky/chow cross, and they are all talkers as you can see with the dog on the left. She was telling Wy a story. At first he watched them carefully, then ignored them.

I love the nose shots in the grass!

Poor Tandee just did not understand why she could not come into the yard too. I did not want to take a chance of hormones winning out over me!

We walked along the back yard and he let me know that he was not comfortable when he could not see his buddies, so we did not venture very far. That is steps. We stayed out there about 15 or 20 minutes, then I wondered how I was going to get him back across he barn lot with Tandee out there. OOPS! Sometimes I don't think things all the way thru. I ended up opening the little gate and Tandee came flying out, and before Wy knew what happened, I had him in. The small gate did not bother him either, and he even had to step over a 2X8 board attached to a 4X4 to keep the chickens from walking under the gate. He did great!

Okay, doesn't this llama look dead? Believe it or not he is just sleeping, and he was sleeping hard too!

But let's just say he was dead....this is what he would have looked like coming back!

Okay, that is all I know for now.

Until later....Karen and Tripp

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