Friday, April 24, 2009

Gelding day has arrived....

Today is the big day! But let us back up a day...I am out working with the boys, and as I am working on feet I peek up underneath Wy and he has his full package. I think I keep looking HOPING that they would just disappear! :-) Then I am working with Tiger's feet, and while I am leaning over I peek up under him and I see NOTHING! Nothing except skin that looks like it is pulled tight. Could it be true that he is already gelded? I tried to feel but he is quite ticklish. I had Brian try to feel, and he is a little more on the no-nonsense side of things and Tiger takes a half hearted kick at him to let him know - "Don't touch that!"

Vet shows up today and I tell him what I have not found so he gave him some Night Night medicine and the vet checks - sure enough! Nothing there! So he looks for a scar and found one - so, Tiger slipped thru the cracks! I double checked all of his paperwork and it still shows him as a stallion. That is the kind of accident that I love to hear about.

The trip is not wasted because Ace (the auction rescue mustang) has crossed over into stallion-hood. He has been in a separate pen from all the other group - don't need any surprise babies! (Well, except for Wy and Halo...will know next year)

Wyoming was not a very willing participant in the games. We took him under the canopy where he met up with Halo, and he was very aggitated. We brought Tiger back so his buddy was there and he settled down, but it took a while. Wy just did not trust the vet one bit - he knew Cliff and his assistant Jessi were up to something! After a lot of talking and waiting, Cliff finally got his shot to take and Wyoming starting getting droopy.

This is a very bad angle for a picture, but you get the idea.

Wyoming goes down while Tiger watches with glee that he did not have to do this. Okay, maybe 'glee' is a strong word. He is more curious as to why Wy is taking a nap.

Wy is sleeping...

The procedure went off without a hitch, and Wy did it all right...he took a while to wake up, then Brian took him back to his pen. I was so glad that Brian was here to help! Wy and Ace were a little bit more of a challenge, plus moving them back and forth.

Ace is growing up. He is getting taller and is shedding off. He had a winter coat like a Shetland Pony! Wish I had the thought process to at least get him cleaned up for the camera! Oh well...he isn't going to care for a while!

Ace did real good! He was nervous, and when he got poked with the needle he jumped, but he stopped right away too.

Ace is getting sleepy.....

Cliff and Jessi get Ace layed down...

When he layed down after his other shot he started twitching and I was a little freaked out! I watched Cliff and Jessi for a reaction but they were fine, so that must have been normal. But let me tell ya, I could tell he never fully relaxed while he was under - that little dude fought it as much as he could. After the procedure was done, instead of laying there and letting it wear off, he came flying up and kinda rolled over on his head! Yes, I was freaked out then too! He was set on standing up - so we got him there. Cliff watched him for a while to make sure all was okay.

Right after I got Ace put back in his pen, I tried to talk to Wy and he was not cutting me any slack. He looked at me sideways, then looked the other direction.
Here he is still all droopy and holding a grudge...

I went back out to check on both of them, and there is not anything pretty about it after the fact. I am glad it is a windy day so the flies are not as bad as they could be. We will be moving Ace into the pen with Wy, and Tiger will go out in the larger lot area with the donks and Tandee. Wy likes to chase Ace, so I figure they will help exercise eachother.

Wy has forgiven me and rubbed my hand with his nose, and lots of questions are answered as to Tiger eating at the hay bale instead of chasing girls when they escaped! :-)

Now just need to keep them moving around this weekend and let them heal.

Until later....Karen and Tripp who is glad he doesn't remember what all this was about! Whew!

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Angela said...

What a smart girl to put Ace and Wy together...No need to exercise them; they'll do it themselves! Hahaha! And yes, that is the very best surprise you can get; a gelding! Glad Tiger was already done and you were able to get Ace done....