Friday, April 24, 2009

Eye of the Tiger...

So, do you have the song in your head yet?

When I was done with Wy, it was Tiger's turn. I already knew I would not bring the saddle out for him, so no change of plans there. We worked on the feed pan flying around, and when he got to the point of standing like Wy did when it was tossed at him, we moved on to the pad. He did look at the pad a little cross-eyed when I was swinging it around, but he did not react near as much as what I had expected. He is afraid of things falling off him - and sure enough, the wind was blowing like crazy and took that pad off him, but only once! After that I would flap it all the way over his back and dangle it there, then I started dropping it.

Tiger wears the pad on his neck, and he isn't sure he likes the look.

When we were done, a walk was in the stars for Tiger also. We have not been in the yard yet, so this was unchartered territory. He did quite well coming thru the small gate. On the way back in he jumped thru it, so we practiced that until he could walk thru calmly, and he even knocked over the board without a reaction.

Just like Wy, we spent 15 or 20 minutes out in the yard to eat grass. They are not used to it, so I limited their time out there.


The nose shot...

This is pretty darn close to what the view will be like from his back! I am already imagining it! :-D

Nice head shot...

I did let Tandee into the yard while Tiger was out. He did not respond to her being a girl when they escaped, so I thought it would be safe was. (Read next blog entry to find out why!)

It was a great day! I had taken off work and the weather was wonderful! Now just need to wait until Friday for the vet visit.

Until later....Karen and Tripp

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