Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wyoming Robbins and his family....

Hello everyone, sorry it has taken so long to get this up. The picture with Wy did not turn out, so we took the clearest family picture and insterted Wy into it the way we thought he might look. Since he is curious and just plain nosey, this is how we posed him. :-)

Here we have grand daughter, Shaina, Carol who is Wy's new Mom, myself, and Carol's other half, Jim.
Carol's daughter, Dawn, also adopted a mustang the same day. Trainer Chad Kelly will be training that horse - Dawn and her horse are both very lucky!
The Robbins have a great family and there is no doubt that Wy and his brother will be very happy and probably a little on the spoiled side. :-)
Dawn's daughter, Kristin, was at the adoption too. Kristin and Shaina both are beautiful girls! Oh to be young again...
I did not get to meet Breanna, another one of Dawn's daughters. Maybe in the future.
Carol and Jim also have two sons and a total of 9 grandchildren! Wow!

Carol and Jim, thank you again for seeing something special in Wy (I will keep calling him that until I get notice of a different name). I can't wait for the great weather to start up so we can start moving the training along. Not that I don't have a lot to do on the ground. It just gives the illusion of moving along quicker when the sun is shining. Hee hee!!!

Until later....Karen and Tripp

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