Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wyoming wears a different saddle...

The light weight training saddle I have been using was going to have another use. I was going to put it on Tiger, and Brian's saddle on Wyoming. I wanted to know how it fit. I knew I would not get Brian's saddle on Tiger this day... :-)

I brought all my stuff out, and like always, Wyoming has to nose around. I was pooper scooping before I got started, and he started taking stuff out of my box. The rasp is still laying on the was rolled up with the nippers in a cloth and he picked up the end of the cloth and both rolled out!

Then the chicken comes to investigate...

Just so you all know, I am not a believer in more pad to make the saddle fit better. The saddle either fits or it doesn't. The pad is thick so I always worry about the saddle being too tight at the withers, and just because it fits Tripp doesn't mean it will fit anybody else. Well, lucky me! Brian's saddle does fit Wy pretty good! The thing is, even tho we had the stirrup leathers shortened, it is still a tad too long for me. Once Wy is more comfortable with me throwing the saddle around, I will put mine up there to see how it fits. Brian's stirrups are too long for me - and they are as short as they will go.

I never did cinch the saddle up because I was missing a strap. No worries, it sat on him quite nicely. He even trotted with it on his back.

Here Wy is inspecting this thing that won't leave him alone.

Wy walked around quite a bit too...he moves out very relaxed.

I never did put the other saddle on Tiger. He was not happy, so I just rubbed him with it, and then flapped the pad around him. Some days will be a step forward, some will be a step back.

So we did the next best thing - took a mug shot of the handsome devil!

Wyoming's classic yawn!

Another evening well spent! The only thing that stressed Wy out was when I got the flag and stick out, and I could tap and rub on his body, but tapping on the saddle with the new noise concerned him. We did that a long time until he relaxed.

Both guys are doing pretty good! Oh yeah, I have cleaned out Tigers front hooves 3 times now, and even trimmed his bars. They were soooo long and rolled over! He was not ready for a full trim yet. My goal is to get the fronts done, and when they are gelded and sleeping, I will hurry in and do the rear as long as the vet says it is okay. They all react differently to the meds, so will have to wait until then to know how it will go.
I am rubbing Wy's legs all the way to the hoof - front and back. I have picked up the fronts but he doesn't like to stand still. He kept taking them away and stomping. I worked at it until I had a good second with no struggle, then I gave it back. We did that 3 times, I rubbed his legs again to let him know I was not going to take them from him every time, and called it quits. He does so good with everything, I forget that he was touched for the first time not long ago.

All in all, life is good at Kaboodle Farm!

Until later...Karen and Tripp who still wants to go for a trail ride but is bummed out because we had more rain which means more mud!

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